Live a healthier and happier menopause

With the right lifestyle choices, you can successfully manage your menopause symptoms. We’ve brought together the experts to show you how.

the joy of napping

Sleep Well

The Joy of Napping

A power nap can restore alertness, performance, and learning ability. A nap may also reverse the hormonal impact of a poor night’s sleep or reverse the damage of sleep deprivation...

six success principles

Feel Good

6 success principles to make the changes you want in life

Menopause comes at a time in a woman’s life when there’s a whole lot of other stuff going on: career changes, elderly parents, children leaving home… adding more stress to...

five lifestyle strategies to minimise night sweats Being Eve Special Feature

Sleep Well

5 lifestyle strategies to minimise night sweats

Ever wondered how night sweats are triggered? In this article, Sleep and Energy Expert, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan explains how to calm the nervous system and provides five simple lifestyle strategies to help minimise night sweats.    I'm sitting here listening to the rain thinking how cool it is. If you are approaching or going through the menopause and suffering from...

symptoms and signs of menopause


Identify the symptoms and signs of menopause

The signs that your menopause journey has begun can be tricky to recognise as the symptoms feel very much like PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) or PMT (Pre Menstrual Tension) -...

make your hair feel thicker


Thinning hair during menopause – give your hair some TLC

If you are finding your hair is thinning or becoming extra dry as you go through menopause, there are things you can consider. In this article, trichologist, Stephanie Moore, AIT...

low libido


Low libido during menopause – lost and found – Part One

The reasons for low libido during menopause can be multiple and probably interrelated, both physical and psychological. It’s often one or more issues combined that causes you to feel this...

caffiene and menopause

Eat well

Ever thought about your morning cuppa?

You probably don’t think twice about your morning cuppa or your afternoon pick me up, but the reality is that caffeine is not good for woman during menopause as it...