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Established in 2017, BeingEve offers women in all three stages of the menopause independent information and solutions on all aspects of the menopause as well as the challenges of mid-life. BeingEve is primarily targeted at women between the ages of 40 and 55, the average age to reach menopause in the UK is 51.

Our aim is to empower women with information, tools and resources they need to make informed decisions about all the choices available to them to help them live a healthier and happier menopause.

The information in our articles is written by experts in their fields and provides the most up to date information available. We aim to make the articles well written and both these factors are enabling us to have a steady and consistent upward trend of organic search engine traffic.

This site is aimed at a target audience of considerable size and provides companies with an opportunity to increase reach and enhance their internet marketing campaigns.

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If you have a product or service relating to the menopause and would like to place and advertisement on our homepage or specific page on the site, please get in touch.

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BeingEve works with brands to develop content about a product or service that provides a benefit for our readers in the form of sponsored blog posts with links to their own website. These posts will be clearly distinguished by the inclusion of  ‘This post is sponsored by..’ at the footer of each post.

In addition we are looking for like-minded brands to sponsor our four content areas of Eat Well, Get Moving, Feel Good and Relationships.

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