Are you Christmas menopause ready?

Are you Christmas menopause ready?

Author: Jenny T

It can be such a stressful time of year. And getting through the holidays during the menopuase can be even more challenging.  Our resident blogger Jenny T gives her advice on how to survive the festive season. 

It is undoubtedly the case that most of us are in charge of organising all the presents – buying, wrapping, labelling, distributing – as well as all of the food and drink across the entire two-week period. It’s a known fact that our menfolk leave everything until Christmas Eve, yet we have to plan the festive season within an inch of our lives, whilst still running around after the kids/teenagers/parents and most likely also working.

Add to that the Christmas cards, the round robins, the fact that you also have to get presents for Auntie Maude’s Cairn and Uncle Jack’s tabby.

Add to that the catering for Christmas food, the pre-ordering business, knowing that someone has to go and fetch the turkey, and that someone will likely be you, and that even though it’s pre-ordered, you’ll need to look for the chap with the ‘Space Here’ sign (Is he actually a Spaceman?) and then still queue around a snake in Waitrose/Tesco to get your overpriced bird (Don’t forget the Bread Sauce, Auntie Jessie has to have Bread Sauce…).

Or you may be going away – and you know it will be down to YOU to pack for everyone, with jumpers, hats, scarves, socks, snow boots taking up SO much more space than your Summer escape to France.

Add to that the sudden cold spell. The car won’t start. The car is frosted up. You can’t find the scraper or the ice squirty can. You’ve lost a glove (I’ve lost three gloves in the last two weeks alone). But at least you have your overheating body to keep you warm.

I’m exhausted just writing all of that above. I need a lay down.

So, here’s my advice.

Take it easy. Take it slowly. Make lists on your phone or computer (I also carry a printed version around with me). Combine these lists to one list. Go at the list when you feel energetic and tick things off the list. Then REMOVE them from the list so they stop pecking at your head. Make time each and every day for you, to relax, yoga, sit and watch a soap or Masterchef, have a sherry or a glass of fizz. Congratulate yourself on what you’ve achieved today, even if it feels like nothing. Because nothing will be a huge amount in itself. If you have a bad day ignore the list and do something extra on a better day. Don’t be a martyr.

And do you know what? If you forget the Bread Sauce or Auntie Maude’s Cairn’s squeaky sausage, just shrug and say “I blame it on the menopause”. The pain will be fleeting and everyone will have forgotten it by Boxing Day.

Do what you can, congratulate your hard work, and above all try to enjoy your time with loved ones.

Wishing you a very happy and enjoyable Christmas and New Year!

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