The hidden truth about your plastic water bottle

BPA free water bottles

Author: BeingEve

Keeping hydrated is essential to make you look and feel your best. There’s lots of information recently about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, but drinking from a plastic water bottle that is not BPA-free can also have harmful effects on you too. This article provides the lowdown on the hidden truths about your plastic water bottle. 

What is BPA? 

You’ve probably heard of BPA (Bisphenol A) – it’s now most commonly used to make plastic bottles for everyday water consumption sold in large quantities by most major supermarkets.

But BPA was originally synthesised in the early 1890s and then used in the 1930s as a synthetic oestrogen. Eventually, it was discovered that when BPA was combined with phosgene, which was a toxic gas used during World War I, that an unbreakable plastic was formed. This was a wonderful invention and was used for everything from headlights to eyeglass lenses and baby bottles.

There is a major problem with BPA, however. When it’s formed, not all the BPA is completely used in chemical bonds. As a result, there is “loose” BPA that can leech into the water. This is particularly the case if the plastic bottle is heated in any way – for example, leaving your water bottle in a hot car or room. Once the BPA makes its way into the water, it’s absorbed into the body and acts like a synthetic oestrogen or xenoestrogen.

Having this BPA in your body can be very dangerous. In high doses, it can shut down the body’s response to oestrogen, but even in low doses it can be harmful. BPA reacts with the hormone receptors on the membranes of the cells to stimulate a response. Studies are beginning to show that not only does BPA have an adverse effect on human reproduction, but higher levels are also linked with higher levels of diabetes, heart disease and abnormal liver function.

The bottom line when it comes to BPA – avoid it. You can now purchase water in BPA Free bottles – just look out for the logo. If you choose to filter your own water, store it in a BPA free plastic bottle, glass or metal container.

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