How to make your skin glow this Christmas

how to get a sparkle on your skin

Author: Dr Sweta Rai

The nights are longer, days colder and the evenings filled with endless Christmas prep. Amidst all this, us women want to spread our sparkle and glow with our flow! Here’s some simple yet effective tips to help your skin glow this Christmas season:

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Firstly it’s really important to remember that we all have different skin types and therefore different inherent skin moisture levels. For this reason we require different oil to water quotients in our moisturisers. My general advice to you this winter is to find a thicker and oilier moisturiser than you wore in the summer and apply this liberally all over your body this winter. For example, if you’re used to using a skin lotion then find a cream based moisturiser and if you use a cream then use and ointment over the winter months. As it gets colder out skin stops secreting it’s natural oils as freely and readily as during the summer months and we lose our glow. To combat this add extra oomph to your skin by topping up your moisturiser.

2. Take the sunshine vitamin when there’s little sunshine

With the longer nights and shorter days we don’t really get much natural vitamin D production during the pre-Christmas season. To combat this it’s really important for us to supplement vitamin D as this not only helps our immunity to fight against viruses and infections but also helps our skin. Vitamin D and it’s full impact on our skin is still being researched but by keeping your sunshine vitamin up during the winter months you’ll definitely feel better as lack of vitamin D can make you feel lethargic and develop muscle aches and pains. We all know if we feel good then we are more likely to look good.

3. Look after your hair

As our skin becomes drier over the winter months so does our hair. My top tip for keeping your hair well looked after this winter is to wash and blow dry less often and if you do then to moisturise your hair by using a good hair oil preferably every night. My personal favourite is coconut oil for the hair but olive oil will do too and you can always apply at night and wash off the next morning with a gentle moisturising shampoo.

4. Don’t forget the sun protection even if you can’t see the sun

It comes as a shock to most of my patients that it is really important to wear sunscreen all year round and yes even in the winter months when we do g notice any sun! It’s really important to use sunscreen as a daily moisturiser before you go out about your day. This is because even in the winter harmful UV rays can penetrate the clouds and damage your skin. It’s a particularly important if you’re going to enjoy winter sports such as skiing or snow boarding.

5. Take some deep breaths and that all important me time this Christmas

I can’t stress the importance of this point enough. You can always tell the skin of a person under stress in comparison to a happy go lucky glow. Stress and the skin is being extensively researched and there are strong correlations of various skin diseases worsening with stress. Your skin is our outer shell for what’s going on inside you, therefore my top tip for “glowing with your flow” this Christmas is to soothe and nourish your inside and I guarantee a glowing outside!

Wishing you all a glowing Christmas!

About the Author

Dr. Sweta Rai, MBBS (Hons); MRCP Dermatology(UK); MRCP Dermatologic Surgery (UK); Procedural Dermatology (USA) is a leading British dermatologist practising in London. Her area of expertise is skin cancer recognition, skin cancer surgery (Mohs micrographic surgery), laser surgery and cosmetic surgery. She trained in top facilities in both the UK and US and can help you get fabulously healthy skin. You can find out more about her work here.

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