Identify the symptoms and signs of menopause

symptoms and signs of menopause

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The signs that your menopause journey has begun can be tricky to recognise as the symptoms feel very much like PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) or PMT (Pre Menstrual Tension) – such as irritability, fatigue and headaches.

The most common early sign of peri-menopause is irregular periods. Other symptoms such as unfounded weight gain, sudden or increased anxiety, sleepless nights not to mention the in-explainable mood swings can also be early signs. This may lead to months, sometimes years of suffering and feeling miserable experiencing peri-menopause symptoms that go un-diagnosed. Sound familiar?

Understanding what’s happening to your changing body

Women can experience up to 34 menopause symptoms (1), however every woman’s journey through menopause is different. The intensity and frequency of menopausal symptoms varies from woman to woman and according to the NHS (2), most women will experience some symptoms.

By understanding the changes in your body, you will be better equipped to find the right solutions and help manage or alleviate your symptoms. Something as simple as tracking them on a regular basis will help identify the key ones, their intensity and frequency. Those symptoms requiring special attention will be highlighted and you can then speak to your GP or find treatments to address them before they start to have a significant impact on your daily life. Additionally, by monitoring their progression over time you can see how your symptoms are responding to treatments or changes you are making to your lifestyle.

free symptoms trackerGP-endorsed Menopause Symptoms Tracker™

The BeingEve Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ is a free, easy to use online tool that can help you track your symptoms so you can understand how your body is changing. You can monitor up to 11 of the most common symptoms against your menstrual cycle over a period of 90 days, and have the option to print and share the information with your GP or your partner. There is also a handy online Daily Journal, where you can write down your thoughts and feelings and make notes about the actions you are taking to help manage your symptoms.

The tracker has been endorsed by Dr Steven Edmunds, MB BS BSc DRCOG FRCGP at Pontesbury Medical Practice in Shropshire, UK: “The Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ is a useful free tool that can help women understand what symptoms are attributed to the menopause and then seek the right options to help alleviate their symptoms. I would recommend that menopausal women take advantage of this broad-based support”.

If you would like to try our FREE Menopause Symptoms Tracker™, please click here.



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