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BeingEve spoke to Reflexologist, Steven Crumblehulme, who created the natural aromatherapy cream ‘Menomagic’. Starting from his Reflexology studio in Gloucestershire, we find out why he created the cream and how it has proven to reduce hot flushes. If you would like to try it for yourself you will receive a 10% discount with BeingEve. 

MenomagicWhat gave you the idea for Menomagic?

My Mum, along with a number of my clients, had suffered with menopausal symptoms for many years and found reflexology treatments useful. I had already been blending my own hand, foot and face creams for my clients for sometime, so Mum suggested I come up with a blend that could help with her hot flushes and night sweats.

So that’s how it all began. After a bit of trial and error I finally presented Mum with a pot of cream. She found it took the edge off her symptoms and so it was further tested on her friends and my clients. The cream proved to be really beneficial in reducing symptoms. Slowly, word of mouth spread and I found I was being asked to make up pots of “the cream”.  After hearing the positive reactions, I started to look into developing it for commercial sale so I could help lots more women in the same boat.

What essential oils does the cream contain and what are the properties which help ease menopause symptoms?

menomagicI’ve used a carefully selected blend of four essential oils; Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Lavender and Clary Sage and each of these interact to provide unique calming and cooling effects. Each oil has been selected to help curb menopausal symptoms. The peppermint oil is cooling as it evaporates on the skin, so this is great for hot flushes and night sweats. The rose geranium is an uplifting oil, helping improve mood. It also has a great smell and helps to balance hormones. Lavender is a relaxing oil, so helps to calm frustrations of symptoms, which indirectly helps them reduce as stress exacerbates symptoms. Lavender also helps with sleep, which is why customers are rubbing it into their feet before sleep, as they find they are more likely to sleep through and less likely to experience a night sweat. Finally, Clary Sage is a balancing oil in terms of hormones, helping to balance the peaks and troughs of oestrogen, etc, naturally.

The cream is also vegan-friendly, paraben-free, organic and anti-oxidant rich, the air-pump dispenser has been chosen to minimise waste and the oils are the best around.

How have women found the cream has helped with symptoms?

We realise that all women’s bodies are different and that they will experience menopause in different ways, however the main benefits that women have experienced is that Menomagic can help halt the advance of hot flushes at their onset. A hot or tingling sensation in the feet, which slowly (or more often quickly!) rises, is spoken of. At this point, when Menomagic is applied to pulse points (such as the inner wrists, behind the ears or at the side of the neck), the essential oils within the cream can get to work. The aroma also helps to calm and uplift women. In addition, where women have used Menomagic before bed, they have told us that they’ve had a great night’s sleep and experienced fewer night sweats. Some have told us they apply some cream to the soles of their feet before bed to aid sleep. More recently, women have also used it for itchy skin, reporting that their itching has stopped completely.

Try Menomagic and receive a 10% discount

If you would like to try Menomagic for yourself, visit their website and enter the code beingeve10 at checkout to receive your 10% discount.  A 50ml dispenser of Menomagic costs £15, plus post and packing.


BeingEve is not recommending this product or endorses its effectiveness to cure hot flushes. Every woman’s experience with products will have different outcomes. 

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