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water and lemon

Author: Jenny T

I hate January. I hate New Year’s resolutions. I hate that everyone’s hibernating. Not to mention Brexit. Let’s not.

But not this year. Whilst people are sick with flu and generally feeling, ‘Meh’, I am bouncing about like Tigger. With a semi-permanent grin on my face. At 55 why is this? Did I win the lottery? Did I marry Hugh Grant? NO – read on…

Without hard resolution or self-promise I decided to give up alcohol and embark on dry January, just a “Let’s see how long I can go”. But not just that. I started drinking lemon water, which became lemon water all day long, so I gave up caffeine too. And because of my suspected IBS, I also gave up bread, potatoes and pasta. With half an eye on the ‘800’ plan I also became gluten free and non-dairy too. And I bought some new gym kit and started the BeingEve 14-Day Exercise Programme, plus yoga three times a week, and some ab crunch classes.

Now, readers, this just isn’t me. And I had a banging headache for the first working week. Nasty. However, I IMMEDIATELY started feeling better in so many other ways. So, I’ve just kept going. I feel great. Really great. And here are five things I’ve learnt.

1. My hot flushes and night sweats have stopped.

I haven’t had a single hot flush, my night sweats have stopped, the dizziness and fear of stairs has gone away, and I am calm. Like a tranquil lake. Nothing is giving me the rage. Not even really bad things. Nothing. And I’m smiling a lot more. Mood is good, sleep is deep, and I wake up before the alarm, refreshed and full of bounce.

2. I have far less ‘fat days’.

Well of course my body is changing. I can see abs starting to form. My thighs are hard, I can see my ribs, and I have new lines on upper arms. And it’s only five weeks so far! I’ve also lost weight in my face and my skin is so clear. Puffiness and wrinkles have gone. My clothes fit and I’m not having so many ‘fat’ days.

yoga3. My balance and poise are so much better.

My yoga poses are improving, but my back ache has gone, and I am sitting better at my desk. But more than this, I simply couldn’t walk down any staircase without a bannister. Now I can. Peasy. And I ran up three underground escalators on Monday evening without stopping, or wheezing.

4. I’ve not missed alcohol at all.

We are now in February and I have decided to stay ‘Dry’. I’ve promised myself to do Dry Quarter and see how that feels. It’s still Winter so there’s not much reason to crack open the Rosé or Prosecco just yet. Maybe I won’t! Who knows. I may need to ‘leave’ some friends alone for a while – the ones who say, ‘Oh I’ll see you when you are better’, or ‘Oh go on, just have one, I won’t tell’. Naughty.

5. My brain is working – like it did before the menopause ‘brain fog’.

Not totally, you understand, I still can’t remember people’s names, or the word for ‘brick’, or where Danish people come from, but it’s about 80% better than it was. Plus, I am having creative thoughts, intellectual thoughts, my brain is ‘starting’ thoughts that it just wasn’t doing. I’m more productive. And I’m a far nicer person for it (not that I was horrid before).

So what next?

Carry on I say. I shall endeavour to continue. Even if I lapse and have some alcohol it will be for social reasons and it won’t be excessive. I recommend trying some of the techniques covered on BeingEve, and if you can change just one thing, I highly recommend you reduce your alcohol intake, and please do look at your diet. Even small changes can make a huge difference. Try changing something in Feb and March, then you’ll be in a new habit by Spring. Let us know how you go, we want happy Spring Bunnies stories!

Here’s my Jewelled Cauliflower Rice recipe – it’s delicious and nutritious…

1 cauliflower – blitz all the white bits in a processor making ‘rice’ – you can freeze it!

1 lemon

A quarter of a pomegranate, seeds only (or cheat and buy them in a packet)

Fresh coriander, a good handful of leaves picked off

3 or 4 spring onions, chopped

Half a red chilli, chopped

Mix the pomegranate, coriander, spring onion and chilli in a bowl.

Microwave the cauliflower for 3 minutes.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto the cauliflower rice, mix in the bits mix and serve.

Go for it ladies!

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