Brain Body Diet – Dr. Sara Gottfried, MD

40 Days to a Lean, Calm, Energized, and Happy Self. Dr. Sara Gottfried explains how a malfunction between the body and the brain causes most of our health problems.  Firstly, in order to function at our best, we need to achieve the right connection between the body and the brain. Therefore our brain health will affect the way our body functions and that in turn, our physical health has a lasting affect on our brain. The Brain Body Diet is a 40-day programme designed specifically for the female brain. Based on the most up-to-date scientific research, in just six weeks you will start to feel more energised and alleviate a myriad of menopause symptoms including weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and brain fog.

In conclusion, filled with incredible success stories, this book will completely change the way you look at your life and help you achieve total body health.


About the Author

Dr. Sara Gottfried MD is a Harvard-educated physician and board-certified gynecologist. Sara treats the root cause of problems, not just symptoms. A nationally-recognised yoga teacher, Sara teaches women how to balance their hormones naturally. www.saragottfriedmd.com

Brain Body Diet

Brain Body Diet


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