Menopause – Dr. Louise Newson

Menopause – all you need to know in one concise manual. This Haynes Guide by Dr Louise Newson is packed full of information and provides a comprehensive guide to the menopause. Dr Newson is a pioneer in the menopause health sector. She is a strong advocate of Hormone Replacement Therapy and believes that many women are suffering unnecessarily by not taking it. But she also promotes the benefits of combining HRT with a healthy lifestyle.

This manual not only provides accurate, evidence-based information on the three types of HRT – including body-identical and bioidentical HRT, it also includes advice on holistic treatments, how to cope at work and a detailed section providing advice for all the family. BeingEve highly recommends.

About the Author

Dr Louise Newson BSc(Hons) MBChB(Hons) MRCP FRGP, is a GP and menopause specialist and has an Advanced Menopause Specialist certificate with FSRH and the BMS. She feels passionately about improving education about the perimenopause and menopause and also improving awareness of safe prescribing of HRT to healthcare professionals. Louise has her own specialist menopause clinics throughout the UK and is a contributor to BeingEve. Read her article on HRT here: Hormone Replacement Therapy – answers to the 10 most common questions

For more information about Dr Louise Newson and Newson Health Clinics, please visit: www.menopausedoctor.co.uk

Menopause by Dr Louise Newson

Menopause Manual


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