The Menopause Monolgues – compiled by Harriet Powell

Menopause Monologues I & II – Real experiences by real women. We love these books because they are different to most books in the menopause space. One thing we do know about the menopause is that every woman’s experience is unique. Harriet Powell has successfully collated real-life stories from women (and some men) which just goes to prove this point. The honest and open stories are written by the women themselves with what appears to be little editing. Both books beautifully illustrate the range of emotions, experiences and impact the menopause can have on a woman’s (and man’s) life. You can delve into other people’s experiences which always makes a great read – from short stories where the lucky few hardly noticed they were in perimenopause, to longer stories of women really suffering. It’s a light read which would make a lovely gift. BeingEve highly recommends.

Menopause Monologues

Menopause Monologues


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