The M Word – Dr. Philippa Kaye

Everything you need to know about the menopause. If you are embarking on your menopause journey, then The M Word is for you. This book goes back to basics and provides a complete one-stop guide to menopause outlining what you can expect. It comprehensively covers the most common menopause symptoms and provides both medical and non-medical advise on how to treat them. There is whole section on the Pelvic Floor and Urinary System with tips and advice on how to sneeze safely! Based on the latest medical guidelines and evidence, The M Word has one of the best explanations of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) we’ve seen recently. Covering topics such as ‘Is it Safe?’, ‘The Different HRT Regimes’ and discusses in detail both the benefits and the risks of taking HRT. BeingEve highly recommends.

About the Author

Dr. Philippa Kaye is a GP with a particular interest in children, women and sexual health. She has written multiple books on topics ranging from fertility to child development and has a weekly column in Woman magazine. She is regularly seen broadcasting on radio and television in programmes such as Victoria Derbyshire.

the m word

The M Word


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