Your Second Phase – Kate Usher

Reclaiming work and relationships during and after Menopause. The core message of this book is that your relationships with yourself, with work colleagues, your partner and future partners are not only vital to managing your menopause, but can also thrive at this time and prepare you for your second phase of life. It’s a unique book as it discusses in-depth the emotional challenges that menopause brings alongside the physical symptoms.

We know that navigating menopause is tricky and can impact on all the relationships in our lives – but ultimately we find true happiness in life from the relationships we have with others. This book not only provides practical advice on how to better manage your relationships with a large section dedicated to work, but also takes a deeper look into understanding what you truly want in the second phase of your life.

And if you find yourself single again, the last section focuses on how you can move forward into a new relationship to not only live the life you would like to lead, but who you would like to share it with. BeingEve highly recommends.

About the Author

Kate Usher is a highly experienced Menopause and Relationships Coach, working with women on the successful creation, development and growth of personal and career relationships during this time of change.

Your Second Phase

Your Second Phase


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