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BPA free water bottles


The hidden truth about your plastic water bottle

Keeping hydrated is essential to make you look and feel your best. There's lots of information recently about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, but drinking from a...

male menopause


Is there such a thing as the Male Menopause?

Contrary to popular belief - the Male Menopause is not a “mid-life crisis”! It's an actual medical condition that affects some but not all men as they age. The more...

alcohol and menopause


Alcohol and menopause: should you drink during menopause?

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week so BeingEve explored the research to answer the question – should you drink alcohol when you are going through the menopause? There are some studies which...

menopause and wise woman


Menopause and Wise Woman – a pivotal season in womanhood

Amanda's beautiful take on menopause as one of the pivotal 'seasons' of womanhood, menopause and wise woman, and a meditation ritual to connect with your inner self.   I'm so in...

pumpkin spiced pie recipe


Delicious Pumpkin Spiced Pie Recipe

Happy Halloween everyone! Why not try this delicious and healthy Pumpkin Spiced Pie recipe for a real Halloween treat!   Prep: 15 minutes Line a 8-9” cake pan with baking...

making simple lifestyle changes


Making lifestyle changes to live a healthier and happier menopause

Menopause is a transition time in a woman’s life, a new phase, and as such, it is a good time to take stock of lifestyle choices and by making lifestyle...

magnet therapy


Can a magnet alleviate menopause symptoms?

BeingEve spoke to Izumi, a Documentary Producer from London, about how Magnet Therapy helped alleviate her hot flushes. What is Magnet Therapy? Magnetic therapy has been around for many years...

bamboo clothing


Bamboo – good for the environment and even better for you

Bamboo clothing has been around for a while. Today bamboo fabric is widely used not only in clothing but also in linens, towels, etc. There are many good reasons why...