Life advice and techniques to help you keep positive, manage stress and anxiety and stay in control.

stress vs anxiety


Stress vs Anxiety – learn the differences and start to deal with them

It's easy to feel both stressed and anxious during menopause. Knowing the differences between stress vs. anxiety is the beginning of helping you feel more positive. Changes in our bodies, relationships...

six success principles


6 success principles to make 2018 your best year yet

Lindsey Agness, a certified Master Trainer of NLP, shares her ‘6 Success Principles,’ to help you set achievable goals for 2018 that you can work through in your own time....

circles of worry


Stop going round and round in the WRONG circles of worry

How do you stop going round and round in the WRONG circles of worry during menopause? In this article life coach Magnus Wood discusses, whether you are a man or woman...

5 yoga poses


5 Yoga poses to kickstart your day

The ancient practise of Yoga has so many benefits for women going through the menopause. This Good Morning Flow will help you feel energised and get you ready for the...

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How to deal with negative feelings during menopause

In this article, Life Coach Magnus Wood provides some tips on how to deal with negative feelings during menopause and how to quickly stop them spiralling out of control.  You stub...

positivity during menopause


How to regain positivity during menopause when you’re feeling low

Most women say that they have difficulty regaining their positivity during menopause. The changes your body is going through have deep impacts on how you feel. It's as important to...

yoga pose


Yoga and menopause: a solid marriage

'You might be thinking 'I have never done yoga before so why would I start now?' Read on to find out just how beneficial yoga can be to help alleviate your...