Expert advice on how all aspects of nutrition affects your health during menopause.

nutrition tips to fight weight gain during menopause


7 nutrition and lifestyle tips to fight menopausal weight gain

It can be a struggle to keep off the pounds when you hit peri-menopause. But you don't need to resign yourself to the fact that it's just the way it...

8 good habits for 2018


8 good habits to help Eves shine in 2018

With 2018 well and truly in full swing, it's a good time to reset some of our habits. Dry January has been a great way for many to reset their alcohol habits...

Benefits of eating organic


Is it really better to eat organic?

The benefits of eating organic are hotly debated. The decision to spend a few extra pounds or dollars on organic fruits and vegetables is often seeded in the idea that...

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar from Dorset


7 benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar during menopause

You may well have a bottle of apple cider vinegar lurking at the back of the cupboard for use occasionally in cooking, but did you know that it's also claimed...

Chickpea and Brussel sprout soup


Chickpea, Brussels sprout and Parmesan soup recipe

This is a lovely savoury soup with a great depth of flavour thanks to the Brussels sprouts and Parmesan ideal for digestive health and hormone balancing. (If you are really...

Avoid over indulgence during holidays


Five tips to avoid over indulgence during the holidays

As we celebrate the festive season with friends and family, Helen Morton, a registered nutritional therapist, gives us five tips to avoid over indulgence. 1. Portion control By all means...

vitamin d during menopause


Why you need vitamin D during menopause

As the nights draw in and our exposure to the sun's beneficial rays and the vitamin D it provides decreases, it can leave many of us feeling particularly low. For women going through...

hormone balance smoothie recipe


Hormone balancing smoothie recipe

This delicious, hormone balancing smoothie recipe is packed full of B-vitamins, iron and magnesium and will help stabalise your blood sugar levels.  Ideal for breakfast or any time during the...

Can soy help manage menopause symptoms?


Can soy help manage menopause symptoms?

Soy can be a confusing topic, especially in regard to women’s health during menopause. What is the truth about soy and can it help manage menopause symptoms? To answer these questions,...


Nutrition advice for coming off HRT – what are the best foods to eat?

Helen Morton, a registered nutritional therapist, offers advice on the best foods to eat to support your body when coming off HRT, as well as what foods to avoid. Some...

nutrition and mental health


Nutrition and mental health during menopause – is there a connection?

Helen Morton, a registered nutritional therapist, explains the connection between nutrition and mental health during menopause and offers advice on what foods to add to your diet to feel happier. Short answer...

alcohol and menopause


Alcohol and menopause: should you drink during menopause?

This week is Alcohol Awareness Week so BeingEve explored the research to answer the question – should you drink alcohol when you are going through the menopause? There are some studies which...

Artichoke Watercress Quiche


Artichoke and watercress quiche – you and your liver will love it!

Our tasty Gluten-Free recipe is made from a combination of ingredients which promote good liver health - including watercress and artichokes. It's quick and easy to make and packed full of...

link between a healthy liver and menopause


The importance of having a healthy liver during menopause

What is the link between a healthy liver and menopause? Optimal liver function is key for hormonal metabolism and regulation during peri-menopause. Additionally, the liver is the body’s most important...

good nutrition during menopause


5 benefits of good nutrition during menopause

Good nutrition during menopause is so important for a number of reasons. Overloading your body with poor nutritional choices, contaminants, medication and alcohol will take its toll over time, particularly...

is tap water safe to drink


Water and menopause – what’s the link?

We all know that drinking plenty of water is good for us, but why does it become more so during menopause? And is tap water safe to drink? Why is drinking...

diet and exercise can help menopausal hair loss


Diet and exercise can help menopausal hair loss

Diet and exercise can help menopausal hair loss and there are steps that can be taken to ensure optimum hair health at any age if you are worried about it...