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Expert advice and techniques to help you feel good during menopause, to keep positive and start feeling like your old self again.

how to cope with anxiety

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How to cope with anxiety during menopause

In this article, I focus on three things you can do to help cope with, and even master your anxiety. Understand when you are anxious Anxiety has a timeline. We...

anxiety and menopause

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Anxiety and menopause: “taming the beast” starts with knowing what it is

Anxiety is a very common symptom which lots of women start to suffer from at soon as they enter peri-menopause. For many, they have never experienced anxiety before. Those that...

why you need vitamin D during menopause

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Why you need vitamin D during menopause

As the nights draw in and our exposure to the sun's beneficial rays and the vitamin D it provides decreases, it can leave many of us feeling particularly low. For women going through...

six success principles

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6 success principles to make the changes you want in life

Menopause comes at a time in a woman’s life when there’s a whole lot of other stuff going on: career changes, elderly parents, children leaving home… adding more stress to...

are you feeling overwhelmed

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Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list?

During menopause women often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things they need to achieve in a day which can lead to increased feelings of stress and anxiety.  In...

releasing anxiety through the breath

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Releasing Anxiety Through The Breath

In this series, Releasing Anxiety Through the Breath, Hormonal Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Alison Fuller has created two recordings focusing on the breath to help you deal with anxiety and reach...

Magnesium a beneficial mineral

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Magnesium – a beneficial mineral during menopause

Magnesium is a beneficial mineral during menopause as low levels of magnesium can lead to insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, mood swings and brain fog. In this article, Jack Feakes from BuyOrganicsOnline explains...

ttrain your brain to feel calm and more positive

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Train your brain to feel more positive through meditation

Did you know you can train your brain to feel calm and more positive through meditation? 163 different studies suggest that mindfulness meditation practice has an overall positive effect on...

6 ways to achieve a better work-life balance

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6 ways to achieve a better work-life balance

Finding a suitable balance between your work and personal life is a challenge for everybody; not only do many of us work long hours, as well as commute, but modern...

stress vs anxiety

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Dealing with stress vs anxiety during menopause

It's easy to feel both stressed and anxious during menopause. Knowing the differences between stress vs. anxiety is the beginning of helping you feel more positive. Changes in our bodies, relationships...

circles of worry

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Stop going round and round in the WRONG circles of worry

How do you stop going round and round in the WRONG circles of worry during menopause? In this article life coach Magnus Wood discusses, whether you are a man or woman...

menopause and wise woman

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Menopause and Wise Woman – a pivotal season in womanhood

Amanda's beautiful take on menopause as one of the pivotal 'seasons' of womanhood, menopause and wise woman, and a meditation ritual to connect with your inner self.   I'm so in...

5 yoga poses

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5 Yoga poses to kickstart your day

The ancient practise of Yoga has so many benefits for women going through the menopause. This Good Morning Flow will help you feel energised and get you ready for the...

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How to deal with negative feelings during menopause

In this article, Life Coach Magnus Wood provides some tips on how to deal with negative feelings during menopause and how to quickly stop them spiralling out of control.  You stub...

positivity during menopause

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How to regain positivity during menopause when you’re feeling low

Most women say that they have difficulty regaining their positivity during menopause. The changes your body is going through have deep impacts on how you feel. It's as important to...

yoga pose

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Yoga and menopause: a solid marriage

'You might be thinking 'I have never done yoga before so why would I start now?' Read on to find out just how beneficial yoga can be to help alleviate your...