Train your brain to feel more positive through meditation

ttrain your brain to feel calm and more positive

Author: BeingEve

Did you know you can train your brain to feel calm and more positive through meditation? 163 different studies suggest that mindfulness meditation practice has an overall positive effect on anxiety and stress. (Source: Headspace)

Meditation has helped many women ease through menopause, from a physiological approach by breathing properly, focusing your mind, and by consciously relaxing you are able to reduce your heart-rate. This in turn reduces the rate cortisol is pumped around your body and convinces your brain that there’s nothing to be anxious about. Once you have integrated practising meditative techniques into your life regularly it is possible to actively change your brain, predisposing it to-wards calm and repose, and making it more capable of achieving emotional equilibrium independently.

There are several forms of meditation that you can try:

  • Mindfulness: the basic human ability to be fully present
  • Mindful breathing: simply focusing on the breath
  • Posture: connecting with your body
  • Yogic mantra/chant: internally repeating a word, your philosophy to life or religion.
  • Visualisation: being taken on a journey led through spoken word.
  • Spiritual meditation: connecting with light energy

Whichever form you choose, once mastered, meditation can quiet the brain and offer a deep sense of inner peace and calm.

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