Menopause Symptoms

Some of the most common menopause symptoms include anxiety, weight gain, sleep issues, fatigue and hot flushes – but there are up to 34 symptoms in total. 25% of woman will sail through the menopause without barely noticing a change but the majority of women will experience some physical and emotional issues caused by hormonal imbalance. So you are not alone.

Menopause is a transition time in a woman’s life, a new phase, and as such, it is a good time to take stock of lifestyle choices and by making lifestyle changes you can hit the reset button. The reality is our bodies are changing and we need to change some elements of our lifestyle to accommodate these changes. Factors such as your diet, the way you exercise, smoking, alcohol intake and stress levels can considerably impact your body’s ability to deal with menopause symptoms. Any changes that you make towards a healthier lifestyle can have a great impact on reducing and in some cases preventing many of the most common symptoms. How you decide to deal with your symptoms is very much your choice and their are lots of treatments to choose from.

common menopause symptomsSymptoms will be different for every woman and the frequency and severity will also differ. To identify and monitor your own symptoms, why not try out our Free Menopause Symptoms Tracker™. 



10 most common menopause symptoms

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Less common menopause symptoms


Breast pain

Brittle nails

Changes in body odour


Difficulty concentrating

Digestive problems

Memory lapses


Vaginal Dryness