Free Symptoms Tracker

free symptoms trackerOur easy-to-use Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ tool will help you become aware of how you are feeling and what symptoms you are experiencing such as poor sleep and anxiety. Through easy-to-use charts you can plot your experience of the 11 most common menopause symptoms against your menstrual cycle on a daily basis and rate their severity and frequency. At any time you can add and edit information, combine two charts and print all the information. In addition, the Daily Journal is a beautifully presented online journal which allows you to write down your thoughts and feelings alongside the Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ as well as keep progress of the actions you are taking to help manage your symptoms. You can refer back to all the information for up to three months. To make the information as meaningful as possible, be sure to come back to the tool on a daily or weekly basis and enter your information.

Over time you can monitor how your symptoms are changing and responding to lifestyle changes that you make. It will also allow you to identify if there are symptoms that might need further attention, and by simply printing off the Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ and Daily Journal you are able to share the information easily with a medical professional.

More often than not, women don’t recognise they are entering peri-menopause because most symptoms are also associated with monthly periods. By understanding what is happening to your body and how you are feeling, you are better equipped to find solutions to help manage or alleviate your symptoms.

Using the Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ and Daily Journal on a daily basis will help you:

  • Be more in tune with your symptoms, their severity and when they are happening.
  • Monitor the progression of your symptoms over time and how they might respond to lifestyle changes you make.
  • Identify if there are symptoms that require further attention.

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