Free Symptoms Tracker™

free symptoms tracker

It’s a fact that nearly 51% of us are worrying about things that didn’t used to bother us and 42% of us are struggling with poor sleep.* But more often than not, women don’t recognise that these are symptoms of the menopause.

Our easy-to-use Free Menopause Symptoms Tracker™ tool will help you become aware of how you are feeling and the symptoms you are experiencing such as poor sleep and anxiety. With the easy-to-use charts you can plot your experience of the 11 most common symptoms on a daily basis and rate their severity and frequency. This tool will help you:

    • Be more in tune with your symptoms, their severity and when they are happening.
    • Monitor the progression of your symptoms over time.
    • Identify if there are symptoms that require further attention.



Dr Steven Edmund“This is a useful tool that can help women understand what symptoms are attributed to the menopause and then seek the right options to help alleviate their symptoms. I would recommend that menopausal women take advantage of this broad-based support”.

Dr Steven Edmunds, MB BS BSc DRCOG FRCGP, M.Inst.LM. Dip. Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Pontesbury Medical Practice, Shropshire.


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