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The Worry Monster has moved in

My anxiety levels are through the roof again. And it ain’t funny. There is Nothing wrong, however my worry nerves are jingling and jangling, I’m physically shaking and I just...

how to cope with anxiety

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How to cope with anxiety during menopause

In this article, I focus on three things you can do to help cope with, and even master your anxiety. Understand when you are anxious Anxiety has a timeline. We...

anxiety and menopause

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Anxiety and menopause: “taming the beast” starts with knowing what it is

Anxiety is a very common symptom which lots of women start to suffer from at soon as they enter peri-menopause. For many, they have never experienced anxiety before. Those that...

alcohol and menopause

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Alcohol and menopause: should you drink during menopause?

As dry January is now underway for many women, BeingEve explored the research to answer the question – should you drink alcohol when you are going through the menopause? There are some...

essential oils for menopause relief


Aromatherapy – essential oils for menopause relief

What are the best essential oils for menopause relief? Aromatherapist, Emma Charlton discusses how the therapeutic use of essential oils can help ease your menopause symptoms naturally and recommends which essential oils to...

anxiety during the night

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Ever wondered why you wake up between 2-4am?

Ever wondered why you wake up regularly during a night's sleep, between 2-4am? In Chinese medicine it's referred to as the heart and liver time when you are rebalancing the emotions...

impact of mood swings and anxiety on sleep during menopause

Sleep Well

The impact of mood swings and anxiety on sleep – and how to deal with it

In this episode, Riding the Emotional Waves, Sleep and Energy Expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan provides techniques to deal with the impact of mood swings and anxiety on sleep during menopause. Topics...

are you feeling overwhelmed

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Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list?

During menopause women often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things they need to achieve in a day which can lead to increased feelings of stress and anxiety.  In...

releasing anxiety through the breath

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Releasing Anxiety Through The Breath

In this series, Releasing Anxiety Through the Breath, Hormonal Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Alison Fuller has created two recordings focusing on the breath to help you deal with anxiety and reach...

training weights

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Why you need to exercise to feel better during menopause

The journey through menopause will be different for every woman, with some sailing through relatively unscathed and others suffering symptoms for many years. The majority however will experience some of...