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Menomagic™ – natural relief for hot flushes and night sweats

BeingEve spoke to Reflexologist, Steven Crumblehulme, who created the natural aromatherapy cream Menomagic™. Starting from his Reflexology studio in Gloucestershire, we find out why he created the cream and how...

essential oils for menopause relief

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Aromatherapy – essential oils for menopause relief

What are the best essential oils for menopause relief? Aromatherapist, Emma Charlton discusses how the therapeutic use of essential oils can help ease your menopause symptoms naturally and recommends which essential oils to...

headaches during menopause


Headaches during menopause – causes and lifestyle solutions

What causes headaches during menopause? Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of menopause and can be very debilitating. The most common type of headache experienced is a migraine...