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bamboo clothing

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Bamboo – good for the environment and even better for you

Bamboo clothing has been around for a while. Today bamboo fabric is widely used not only in clothing but also in linens, towels, etc. There are many good reasons why...

training weights

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Why you need to exercise to feel better during menopause

The journey through menopause will be different for every woman, with some sailing through relatively unscathed and others suffering symptoms for many years. The majority however will experience some of...

how to stick to new year resolution

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How to make your new year fitness resolution stick

New year, new you? Many of us have a list of New Year’s resolutions at the start of January and are determined that this is the year we’re going to see...

upper arm elasticity in menopause

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Fly me home – what to do about those ‘angel wings’

Fitness expert Carolyne Anthony explains why we lose upper arm elasticity in menopause and shares some useful tips to help strengthen them.  I don’t know about you but I first...

experience of osteoporosis

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My experience of osteoporosis and some top tips to avoid it

It’s a little over a week now since World Osteoporosis Day and so I find myself casting back to my own diagnosis 6 years ago. I'd just climbed Kilimanjaro and...

effects of menopause

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Effects of menopause on your body and your workout

Carolyne Anthony, Founder and Director of the Center's for Women's Fitness, lays out some candid reasons why exercising is so important during menopause. You may have been noticing something odd...