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how to cope with anxiety

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How to cope with anxiety during menopause

In this article, we focus on three things you can do to help cope with, and even master your anxiety. Understand when you are anxious Anxiety has a timeline. We...

anxiety and menopause

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Anxiety and menopause: “taming the beast”

Anxiety is a very common symptom which lots of women start to suffer from at soon as they enter peri-menopause. For many, they have never experienced anxiety before. Those that...

stress vs anxiety

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Dealing with stress vs anxiety during menopause

It's easy to feel both stressed and anxious during menopause. Knowing the differences between stress vs. anxiety is the beginning of helping you feel more positive. Changes in our bodies, relationships...

circles of worry

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Stop going round and round in the WRONG circles of worry

How do you stop going round and round in the WRONG circles of worry during menopause? In this article we discuss the differences between our circles of Concern, Influence and...

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How to deal with negative feelings during menopause

In this article we provide some tips on how to deal with negative feelings during menopause and how to quickly stop them spiraling out of control.  You stub your toe on...

positivity during menopause

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How to regain positivity during menopause when you’re feeling low

Most women say that they have difficulty regaining their positivity during menopause. The changes your body is going through have deep impacts on how you feel. It's as important to...