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Nutrition and mental health

Eat Well

Nutrition and mental health during menopause – is there a connection?

Helen Morton, a registered nutritional therapist, explains the connection between nutrition and mental health during menopause and offers advice on what foods to add to your diet to make you...

impact of mood swings and anxiety on sleep during menopause

Sleep Well

The impact of mood swings and anxiety on sleep – and how to deal with it

In this episode, Riding the Emotional Waves, Sleep and Energy Expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan provides techniques to deal with the impact of mood swings and anxiety on sleep during menopause. Topics...

training weights

Get Moving

Why you need to exercise to feel better during menopause

The journey through menopause will be different for every woman, with some sailing through relatively unscathed and others suffering symptoms for many years. The majority however will experience some of...

black cohosh tablets

Product Reviews

Black Cohosh Root Extract

A herbal natural remedy used to alleviate hot flushes, night sweats and mood swings and can be very effective for some women. Vegetarian and free from soya, wheat and gluten.

mood swings during menopause


Mood swings during menopause – causes and lifestyle solutions

What causes mood swings during menopause? Mood swings during menopause often go hand in hand. During peri-menopause, it's very common for mood swings to become much more extreme. For many women...