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HET: what every woman wants to know


Hormone Replacement Therapy: Answers to the 10 most common questions

GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson answers the 10 most common questions women ask about about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). 1. Can a blood test tell if a woman...

middle age spread of menopause

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How to reduce the middle age spread of menopause

Most women will experience the middle age spread of menopause. In this article, Fitness Expert Carolyne Anthony explains several reasons why weight gain happens during this time and what to do...

training weights

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Why you need to exercise to feel better during menopause

The journey through menopause will be different for every woman, with some sailing through relatively unscathed and others suffering symptoms for many years. The majority however will experience some of...

nutrition tips to fight weight gain during menopause

Eat Well

7 nutrition and lifestyle tips to fight menopausal weight gain

It can be a struggle to keep off the pounds when you hit peri-menopause. But you don't need to resign yourself to the fact that it's just the way it...

effects of menopause

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Effects of menopause on your body and your workout

Carolyne Anthony, Founder and Director of the Center's for Women's Fitness, lays out some candid reasons why exercising is so important during menopause. You may have been noticing something odd...

weight gain during menopauseweight gain


Weight gain during menopause – causes and lifestyle solutions

As we get older, maintaining our weight seems to be more difficult, one reason being that our metabolism tends to slow down with age. On top of that, women experience...