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Happy Menopause

Book Reviews

The Happy Menopause: Smart Nutrition to Help You Flourish – Jackie Lynch

This book discusses in a straightforward and engaging way how to manage your menopause through good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The focus of the book is the concept of...

Your Second Phase

Book Reviews

Your Second Phase – Kate Usher

Reclaiming work and relationships during and after Menopause. The core message of this book is that your relationships with yourself, with work colleagues, your partner and future partners are not...

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Coping with work during menopause

Work can become more challenging when you are experiencing menopause symptoms. Most of your colleagues, especially younger colleagues, will have no idea how you are feeling and what you are...

menopause and the workplace

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Simple steps to a menopause-friendly workplace

New government guidelines highlight the topic of menopause and the workplace and are calling for a sea change in the way employers face up to a growing menopausal workforce. It could...