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bamboo clothing

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Bamboo – good for the environment and even better for you

Bamboo clothing has been around for a while. Today bamboo fabric is widely used not only in clothing but also in linens, towels, etc. There are many good reasons why...

training weights

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Why you need to exercise to feel better during menopause

The journey through menopause will be different for every woman, with some sailing through relatively unscathed and others suffering symptoms for many years. The majority however will experience some of...

Hot flushes during menopause


Hot flushes during menopause – causes and lifestyle solutions

What causes hot flushes during menopause? Hot flushes (or hot flashes) during menopause are one of the most common symptoms; in fact three in four women will experience hot flushes...

5 yoga poses

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5 Yoga poses to kickstart your day

The ancient practise of Yoga has so many benefits for women going through the menopause. This Good Morning Flow will help you feel energised and get you ready for the...

yoga pose

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Yoga and menopause: a solid marriage

'You might be thinking 'I have never done yoga before so why would I start now?' Read on to find out just how beneficial yoga can be to help alleviate your...