Discover a range of treatments, techniques and well-being tips from experts to help manage your menopause symptoms.

HET: what every woman wants to know


Hormone Replacement Therapy: Answers to the 10 most common questions

GP and menopause specialist Dr Louise Newson answers the 10 most common questions women ask about about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). 1. Can a blood test tell if a woman...

how does the menopause affect your skin?


How does menopause affect your skin?

From unexpected acne to dry skin and so-called ‘age spots’, the onset of menopause is the time when many of us start to notice our skin changing in often dramatic...

essential oils for menopause relief


Aromatherapy – essential oils for menopause relief

What are the best essential oils for menopause relief? Aromatherapist, Emma Charlton discusses how the therapeutic use of essential oils can help ease your menopause symptoms naturally and recommends which essential oils to...

menopause affects oral health


How menopause affects oral health – and what to do about it

As your estrogen levels decrease during menopause, you may experience problems with your teeth and gums. In this article, we explore how menopause can affect your oral health and what...

Essential oils helped alleviate hot flushes and disturbed sleep


Essential oils helped alleviate my hot flushes and sleep issues

BeingEve spoke to a reader Louise, a mortgage advisor from Surrey, about how essential oils helped alleviate hot flushes and sleep issues since coming off Hormone Replacement Therapy.  What are...

testosterone treatment


Testosterone treatment – can it help with low libido?

Chris Jones, a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner, from discusses the pros and cons of testosterone treatment to help women who are suffering with low libido during menopause. When a...

make your hair feel thicker


Thinning hair during menopause – give your hair some TLC

If you are finding your hair is thinning or becoming extra dry as you go through menopause, there are things you can consider. In this article, trichologist, Stephanie Moore, AIT...

ttrain your brain to feel calm and more positive

Feel Good

Train your brain to feel more positive through meditation

Did you know you can train your brain to feel calm and more positive through meditation? 163 different studies suggest that mindfulness meditation practice has an overall positive effect on...

Hot flushes during menopause


Hot flushes during menopause – causes and lifestyle solutions

What causes hot flushes during menopause? Hot flushes (or hot flashes) during menopause are one of the most common symptoms; in fact three in four women will experience hot flushes...

micropigmentation enhance thinning eyebrows in menopause


Micro pigmentation to enhance thinning eyebrows

Micro pigmentation can be used to enhance thinning eyebrows during menopause and is a safe and recommended treatment. BeingEve spoke to Andrea Grollet, a well established practitioner in the field...

magnet therapy


Can a magnet alleviate menopause symptoms?

BeingEve spoke to Izumi, a Documentary Producer from London, about how Magnet Therapy helped alleviate her hot flushes. What is Magnet Therapy? Magnetic therapy has been around for many years...

Hypnotherapy clinically proven to reduce hot flushes


Hypnotherapy – clinically proven to reduce hot flushes

In this article Alison Fuller explains how hypnotherpay is clinically proven to reduce hot flushes. Many women might feel sceptical about the benefits of using hypnotherapy to alleviate the symptoms...

Ayurveda and menopause internal cleansing


Ayurveda approach to managing menopause symptoms

In this second article by Dr. Lonsdorf, an award-winning integrative and Ayurvedic physician, she explains how internal cleansing through the Ayurvedic practice of "panchakarma" and lifestyle can help relieve menopause symptoms. ...



HRT vs BHRT – the facts

There is no doubt that HRT was a fantastic invention which has revolutionised the lives of many women for nearly six decades. Up until recently it has been the only 'medical'...

acupuncture alleviate menopause symptoms


Acupuncture – a natural treatment to alleviate menopause symptoms

Acupuncturist Maureen McCann discusses how the ancient Chinese practise of Acupuncture can help alleviate menopause symptoms.  In my 14 years as an acupuncturist, I have seen many patients for many different ailments with a very...

Scommon skin complaints during menopause


Common skin complaints during menopause and how to fix them

Leading British Dermatologist Dr Sweta Rai spoke to about the top skin complaints that women experience during menopause – and how to tackle them. From unexpected acne to dry...

calming anxiety and hot flushes during menopause


Reflexology – rebalancing hormones to calm anxiety and hot flushes during menopause

Reflexology can help calm anxiety and hot flushes during menopause by rebalancing hormones. In this article Alison Fuller, a reflexologist and hypnotherapist specialising in women’s health explains how.  What is reflexology?...

can HRT make my hair fall out


Can HRT make my hair fall out?

Have you considered the impact of taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can have on your hair? In this article, trichologist, Stephanie Moore, AIT asks the question - can HRT make...

ayurveda approach


Ayurveda and menopause: how to sail through it and enjoy vibrant health and ageless beauty (part 1)

In a two-part article, Dr. Lonsdorf, an award-winning integrative and Ayurvedic physician, explains menopause and how to best manage it according to the Ayurveda practice. On this first part, Dr...