CBD Oil helps alleviate my anxiety and insomnia

CBD and menpause

Author: BeingEve

BeingEve spoke to a reader Siobhan, 52, a Pilates Teacher from Surrey to find out how CBD Oil helps alleviate her menopause related anxiety and insomnia.

How has anxiety during menopause affected your daily life?

I started to feel anxious and out of sorts generally, but the main issue for me was that anxiety was affecting my sleep. I started to grind my teeth during the night which meant I would often wake up with a sore neck. I wasn’t feeling rested when it was time to get up and face the day. Also, having neck pain was a real problem for me being a Pilates Teacher.

Why did you first consider CBD Oil to help ease your menopause anxiety?

I’m a great believer in Biohacking which means using a combination of treatments and tools to best support my health needs. I did a lot of research into the different options available to help with my menopause symptoms and specifically into CBD Oil and found that it offered a lot of very positive health benefits generally – not just for anxiety.

Firstly, I went to see a hormone specialist and started a course of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy but found it didn’t help so I stopped taking it. I then decided to try CBD Oil instead. I now take CBD Oil and Thyroxin – as a combination, this works for me.

How long have you been taking CBD Oil and what form do you take?

I have been taking CBD Oil for nearly three years and I like the fact that it is a natural product. I take a couple of drops under my tongue each morning as part of my daily routine. I have been taking MAXX 4 300mg but recently increased it to 600mg.

Would you say that CBD Oil helps manage your menopause anxiety?

Yes I have found taking CBD Oil reduces my anxiety significantly and I have stopped grinding my teeth at night. Just before Christmas I ran out of CBD Oil and didn’t take it for a month and my anxiety came straight back. Within a few days of taking it again, I felt so much better and my anxiety had gone.

If you would like to find out more about CBD Oil, please email Sara Catlin Brown at: scatlinbrown@hotmail.com

CBD and Menopause – what is CBD and is it safe. Read article. 

Please note: BeingEve is not recommending these products or endorses its effectiveness. Every woman’s experience with products will have different outcomes. The content of this article is based on the experience of one reader.

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