How connecting with Mother Nature during isolation can alleviate suffering

Mother nature

Author: Silvia Revenco

During this difficult and unprecedented time we are all going through as a collective, so many emotions are rising to the surface. Before this, we were all going so fast from one thing to the next, to get those things on our to-do list done, and accomplish as much as possible.

Now nature has forced us to slow down, to shake up our routines and habits, to rethink, re-evaluate, and realise what’s truly important.

And as we slow down, emotions and pain that we may have been carrying for years, but successfully covered up with work, keeping busy, socialising, are now coming up… A lot of us may be experiencing fear of the unknown, of the uncertainty of what tomorrow or next month will look like, and whether our systems that we’ve relied on so faithfully will survive or not… The isolation and separation is also bringing up pain from feeling a lack of love.

This is beyond a doubt, a time of radical transformation and evolution for us humans and our planet. As we have been isolating ourselves into our individual cacoons and slowed down our way of living – Mother Earth has been healing also. We are seeing incredible changes: pollution clearing up in China, the ozone hole shrinking, the canals in Venice being so clean that dolphins have returned…

This is a time to take a page out of her book…and heal.

The truth is that a lot of suffering we’ve been experiencing has been due to our separation from our Mother – Gaia. She has supported us for so long, providing us with everything we need, but in our desire to become modern and civilized, we pillaged, over consumed, we hurt Her with all sorts of poisons in our racing to produce more, faster, cheaper… We started eating food that’s far from its natural state, putting all sorts of man-made chemicals in and on our bodies, and in our environment. We’ve isolated ourselves in concrete buildings, put on rubber shoes, and go from work to our car, to our home, barely connecting with nature.

And all those things, of course, have hurt us considerably also – because we are inter-connected, even though we forgot. We forgot that we are part of Her and She is part of us. A lot of health problems of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature can be alleviated by restoring that connection.

I want to explore a few ways briefly here… hoping that it will inspire you to consider what your relationship has been with the planet, and go out and strengthen it, because it has an endless energy that is always there to charge you and support you to be your healthiest, most vibrant and abundant you.

Breathing fresh air, getting sunshine, connecting with the earth are irreplaceable medicines for your health and your soul.

There is an abundance source of free electrons available from the earth, which you can absorb into your body through your skin. Making physical contact with the earth has been proven to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, it helps you tune into the magnetic frequency of the earth and become one with its protective blanket that protects it from radiation. Grounding also calms a stressed, erratic mind.

Being out in green spaces has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and instill a sense of calm and peace. The Japanese recognize this fact and call the therapy “forest bathing”.

Sunshine is essential for us to produce vitamin D, which is crucial for a healthy immune system and bone density. Sunshine also kills bacteria and viruses, as it’s been found during the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 when they treated patients outside exposed to sun and fresh air. Fresh air is necessary to prevent, and support the recovery from all kinds of respiratory conditions.

What’s also interesting is that when full spectrum natural light from the sun enters our eyes, it activates our pituitary gland, which activates all kinds of important hormones in our body (fascinating research to dive into). Glass or plastic don’t allow the full spectrum through – so there’s an entire new reason to be outside in natural light without the barrier of any glass, which allows us to get exposed to the entire spectrum of light.

Woman outsideSo make it a priority to get outside every day for at least 30 minutes.

Feel the sun on your face. Touch (or go ahead, hug) a tree, the grass, smell a flower. Walk barefoot and feel the earth supporting you and charging you up. Enjoy the beauty of nature that surrounds you with childlike wonder, learn to rediscover the joy in the small things, and wonder in the mystery of the earth and the sky.

You can put your ear on the ground and hear Her heartbeat. Express gratitude for all the gifts she has provided us that make our modern life possible…the food, the water, the air, the materials for clothing, for electronics, the fuel for our travel…everything.

The love we often hurt for is available abundantly if we are open to receiving it.

Instead of seeking it from the people around us, we can give it to ourselves by tuning into the boundless rivers of love flowing through us at all times. And we can open ourselves up to the love and support available from the motherly presence of Gaia. She wants her children back in her arms, to realise that she has been here all along and is still supporting us and loving us.

And when we do that we fill our soul with life, energy, joy, and get grounded.

Life is to be loved and enjoyed, and it’s often in the small things that we overlook in our busy-ness. Slow down, breathe, connect to yourself and the earth, and notice the magical changes happening in your body, mind, soul, and your entire world.

About the Author

Silvia Revenco is a passionate Health Coach, Healer, and Women’s Empowerment leader, on a mission to help thousands of women transform their body, mind and spirit, so they become clear vessels for unlimited love and abundance in all areas of their life. She helps her clients achieve their wellness goals through a combination of teaching personalised nutrition techniques, herbs, breath, mindset, belief work and powerful coaching. Her free masterclass teaching 7 steps to healing yourself and stepping into your Goddess power is available now at hello.silviarevenco.com/video-masterclass

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